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Created and developed by P28, OUTDOOR aims to adopt an unconventional format in the contemporary public art manifested in the manipulation of advertising media. This conceptual solution embodies the need to rehabilitate and renew spaces used for advertising without the loss of identity or transformation of its form, aiming a reorientation of priorities in its genesis. As an example the outdoors are used for political propaganda and product advertisement. Its original function will be subverted by taking advantage of its enormous potential as communication support to the masses.

This project intends to use this exterior advertising medium, modular boards located in places of high visibility, such as along the highways or in the city centers. In 2012 all the works will be presented in Lisbon and Oporto. Specifically, the project intends to use the standard models of 8m x 3m, according to the standard measures adopted by the industry.

P28’s Outdoor project has the participation of artists, architects and designers, national and international, originating from diverse artistic disciplines.

Adriana Varejão [BR],
Bedwyr Williams [UK],
Chitra Ganesh [US],
Erwin Wurm [AU],
Gabriela Albergaria [PT],
Jesper Just [DK],
Jorge Molder [PT],
Leonid Tishkov [RU],
Luisa Cunha [PT],
Marcel van Eeden [NL],
Mário Feliciano [PT],
Miguel Palma [PT],
Paulo Mendes [PT],
Pedro Cabral Santo [PT],
Pedro Cabrita Reis [PT],
R2 [PT],
Susana Anágua [PT],
Susanne Themlitz [PT]

Org. & Artistic Direction


Guest curator

Luísa Santos


28th Feb – 31st Mar 2012


1st Aug – 31st Aug 2012

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