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Desire, Tension, Transition


EXD ⁄ ESAD ⁄ Matosinhos Municipality


Matosinhos, PT




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Street Poster © Filipe Braga

An exhibition that offered a unique perspective about Portuguese design and contemporary production in several design areas (product, editorial, multimedia or furniture). Since it is a strong title, we chose to use typography on a large scale. The geometric form — the red mass — has texture, synthesizing the duality geometry/materality, two strands that strengthen the idea of tension, also achieved by the typography. The transition is translated by the boundary between the organic form which is also geometric. Desire is evoked by the color red.

In 2015 the EXD biennial presents a new format, extending to the north of the country, especially for the exhibition that Matosinhos will host.

Desejo, Tensão, Transição — Percursos do Design Português [Desire, Stress, Transition — Portuguese Design Courses] is an unprecedented exhibition, organized by Matosinhos City Hall, EXD'15 and ESAD IDEA — Research in Design and Art.

Having José Bartolo as general curator, the exhibition reflects the Portuguese design as a territory, large and heterogeneous, setting a particular geography that has to be traveled through 16 exhibition modules, with its own curators, autonomous and heteronyms. The exhibition offers a unique perspective of the Portuguese design, contemporary production in several areas (product, publishing, multimedia, furniture, etc.) and the relationship between the contemporary and the story.

in, esad.pt/en/news/desejo-tensao-transicao

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