At The Edge of Breathing — Julião Sarmento


Matosinhos Municipality


Matosinhos, PT




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At The Edge of Breathing — Book 1
At The Edge of Breathing — Book 2
At The Edge of Breathing — Book 3
At The Edge of Breathing — Book 4
At The Edge of Breathing — Book 5
At The Edge of Breathing — Book 6

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Filipe Braga


R2 is the signature of the designers and artists Lizá Défossez Ramalho (Troyes, France) and Artur Rebelo (Porto, Portugal). R2’s practice extends beyond conventional boundaries, navigating both typical graphic design’s two-dimensional mediums and architectural landscapes. R2 has earned global acclaim for its groundbreaking projects that contributed to redefine the boundaries of the design field. Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, they passionately devote themselves to crafting high-quality, both conceptually and visually, designed projects. R2 Design studio was co-founded in 1995 by Defossez Ramalho & Rebelo and works with cultural institutions and commercial clients in fields ranging from culture and lifestyle to industry. R2’s multidisciplinary approach allows them to respond effectively to a wide range of projects from Dam Signage in the Douro River (with Souto de Moura-Architects) to extensive branding that includes typography on building ceilings (Casa & typography do Conto), to a complex museum graphic identity with more than 14 locations (Museu do Porto). Recent projects includes branding project for Évora 2027, European Culture Capital in 2027 as well as for Vhils Studio.

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