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R2 National Theatre logo wins Silver at European Design Awards
Studio awarded for D. Maria II National theatre new logo design.

In 2015 the new management team at Dona Maria II National Theatre (Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II / TDMII) envisioned a cultural project with a flexible dynamic that was open to the city, the country and the rest of the world. The theatre was in need of a graphic communication strategy that reflected its new openness, especially because the previous logo — unchanged for 25 years — was based on the building’s façade, valuing only the monument.

Considering the brief, we developed a logo based on the acronym ‘DMII’ (Dona Maria II), in which the letter ‘M’ takes many forms within a wide typographic spectrum — from extra condensed to extra expanded. The flexibility of this central letter at the same time translates multiple points of view and interpretations.

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