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R2 at «Hangeul Calligraphy+Latin Typography» exhibition
«Hangeul Calligraphy+Latin Typography» exhibition, at Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum, sponsored by AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale)

An exhibition that attempts to help traditional calligraphy find a place in contemporary society, in juxtaposes the calligraphy pieces by Korean artists with typography pieces using the Latin alphabet created by foreign counterparts.

The exhibition comes as the AGI Congress was recently held in Seoul. AGI, Alliance Graphique Internationale, is a gathering of the world’s most renowned graphic artists and designers.

The exhibition, organized by Seoul Arts Center, AGI Korea and Gyeongnam Letter & Civilization Research Society, displays about 150 pieces by about 60 artists. They include 41 Korean artists whose pieces revolve around Hangul, the Korean alphabet system; as well as 26 international graphic designers who belong to AGI.

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