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R2 at Fête du Graphisme, Paris
Invited to produce a poster to celebrate Paris.

R2 based their design on the phrase "Errer est humain, flâner est parisien" ("To err is human, to stroll is Parisian”) by Victor Hugo, and created the poster around Baudelaire’s concept of the "Flâneur" and the “Theory of the Dérive”, by French theorist Guy Debord.

Within the Fête du Graphisme (The Graphic Arts Festival), curated by Michel Bouvet, Pauline Jankowiak, Yann Legendre and Azadeh Yousefi, 40 internationally renowned designers were asked to design a poster to be included in the Célébrer Paris exhibition, held on the Champs Elysées between January 22 and February 5. Other guest artists included Seymour Chwast, Ahn Sang-Soo, Anthon Beeke, Isidro Ferrer, Luba Lukova, M/M (Paris), and Catherine Zask.

Molly Bloom (2002), Boca (2004) and I Love Távora (2005) – three of the most iconic posters designed by R2 – were also chosen to be displayed within the event Paris Invite le Monde, also held within the Fête du Graphisme programme, from January 30 to February 2, at Les Docks – City of Fashion and Design.

The exhibition involved the participation of 104 designers and graphic studios, including Max Kisma, Peter Saville, Majid Abbasi, Paula Scher, Vaughan Oliver, Paul Davis, Sister Corita and Milton Glaser, among others.

Fête du Graphisme

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