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«Portraits in mirrors»: R2 in «Progetto Grafico» magazine, Italy
FORNARI, D. & VINTO, C. (ed.), «Grafici e committenti: un ritratto allo specchio 1/2 / [Graphic designers and clients: Portraits in mirrors 1/2]». Progetto Grafico (no. 29), Anno 14, Primavera 2016. Milano: Aiap, pp. 77–79.
At a time of general economic difficulty and continuous changes in the sphere of visual communication, Progetto grafico is focusing its discussion on the question of clients and their relationship with designers.

The graphic designer’s position towards the patron has taken on numerous shapes over time: from the work for “ideal” clients such as Adriano Olivetti to the search for like-minded exponents of worlds which already recognized them, up to the eclipse of commission givers one can often observe in nowadays practices. Starting from this variety of approaches and positions, Progetto grafico 29 questions how the relationship among graphic designers and commission givers has changed. Together with theoretical and historical essays, the issue features a survey on the opinions of professionals, clients, educators as well as to the head of foundations that support the work of graphic designers.

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