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Launched: Visual identity for «The Form of Form», 4th edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale
Graphic identity for international event curated by André Tavares and Diogo Seixas Lopes.

The Form of Form is a triennial event designed to discover and construct dialogues around the visual dimension of architecture and its social and technical impact. Its graphic identity is built around the typographical elements of the title, with prominence being given to the two square “o’s” that generate various spaces between themselves. The visual translation of the title follows the strategy of redundancy, equivalent to the way in which the title itself constructs its meaning when spoken.

The typesetting is spartan, displaying an economic approach to the available resources, and it is capable of generating a plethora of forms, created through the relationships established by the ‘O’ letters and through the space and format of the support(s).

Based on the New Rail Alphabet typeface, graphic designer Henrik Kubel responded to the challenge presented to him by R2 and designed new glyphs for the letters ‘F’, ‘R’ and ‘M’, “Form” is written with different forms of “Form”. Some glyphs have been modified in order to subtly distinguish the repetition of the word through the form of the letters. In this way, the meaning of the identity can be expanded, varying according to different contexts.

The identity has the capacity to function in isolation, as if it was a stamp or seal, but it can also be enlarged to function as a container of contents. From the rubber stamp to the cartographic base, The Form of Form reacts according to the circumstances and the contents, making the most of its elasticity to bring together a panoply of events under a common identity that can be easily shared.

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