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Large-scale typography at Miranda do Douro dam
Project invokes word for ‘I’ in Mirandese as well as current context of Brexit, expanding notions of personal, political and physical boundaries

YOU=EU, developed by Lizá Defossez Ramalho and Artur Rebelo (R2), is a project that departs from Mirandese, which despite being Portugal’s second official language is spoken by only around 10,000 people. In keeping with R2’s multi-faceted approach to design, ideas of territory, identity, legibility, and interpretation come together in this arresting intervention on the wall of a concrete buttress dam on the Douro River, located on the border between northern Portugal and Spain.

The typographic occupation is part of wider project Voltagem, which included an exhibition opening on 27 July at Miranda do Douro prison, a second phase of the project.

The videos Por i (2016) and Às voltas com a(s) memória(s) (2017) of the artist Fernando José Pereira, and the sound project Game of Drones developed by Ricardo Santos (from Associação Lérias), are also part of the project

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